Mighty Pack

Mighty Pack
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**image shown is for illustration purpose only and may not be the actual Mighty Pack. All items are subject to availability.

Expecting a baby on the way? Mighty Sprouts collaborates with over 25 established brands to curate our Mighty Pack - a complimentary handy gift of sponsored product samples, gifts and exclusive privileges to help sweeten your parenting journey. Because as parents, we know that searching for the most suitable baby essentials and merchandises for our sproutlings can be a hair pulling experience. 


Each of our specially curated Mighty Pack is carefully packed with an array of selected merchandises and essentials samples for busy parents to try it all, so you can save both time and money. Through our Mighty Packs, we aspire to bring the brightest smile to both mama and their precious sproutlings.


So long as your child is 3 months old and below, or still swooshing in mummy's tummy, go on and register for your Mighty Pack today!