About Us

We are your everyday Singaporeans who are always running short of time. A multi-tasking expert as roles of children, siblings, spouses, and recently, being bestowed one as parents. Since then, our lives just got a whole lot more fulfilling (and time and money consuming if I may add). While we go through endless rounds of diaper changing, sleepless nights, and round the clock feeding, we also had to scurry around asking friends and searching the depths of the internet for information and products for our newborn. And we couldn’t be happier to find so many sites offering free samples for trial before taking the plunge to make a purchase that may or may not be suitable for our little bub. This experience really got us thinking, to create a one stop go to platform that makes sampling easier for all expecting and new mummies! No more spending hours registering from site to site to request for samples, at Mighty Sprouts, we strive to consolidate all these choices and present them to you. Just so you may try and pick what’s best for you and your growing sprout, because at the very center of our belief, we know every baby is special, unique and beautiful in their own way.