A Message From A Crying Baby

There is no way around it - Babies cry, and for many different reasons. So how exactly are parents suppose to know what they are trying to tell us? Most would agree that it would take us some time to understand our baby's language. But for parents who like to keep things ahead, here's a list to get you going.


Duh. I will scream when I am hungry, and my wife knows some pancakes and ice cream will do the trick. So to read your baby's intention, look out for signs like lip smacking, or if they were to turn their head towards your hand when you reach for their cheeks, or when they constantly put their hands in their mouth. These are supposing a baby's instinctive reactions to convey their hunger. Anyway, most parents would have a strict feeding schedule. Just make sure to note the amount of milk fed and the timing of feeding will go a long way in helping parents judge the right amount of milk for their little bub to last till the next feeding time.

Colic, Gases And Tummy Issues

In Singapore parenting, we simply call it "Wind in the tummy". But really, where is all this wind coming from?

Apparently, a condition called Colic is one contributing reason and babies suffering from Colic will feel severe pain in their abdomen, caused by wind or obstruction in their intestines A simple wiki search would also reveal that the actual causes of colic is still currently unknown. We would suggest parents to keep a keen observation for the symptoms of this condition.

1) If your baby often cries at the same time of the day (Usually during late afternoon or evening)

2) If the cry is a higher pitch than usual

3) If your baby often clutches his fingers, and is flushed when crying

If these symptoms are there, then there may be a good chance your baby is suffering from Colic. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Colic tends to peak around 6 weeks and will gradually improve in 3 to 4 months.

Another reason for the accumulation of gases are due to swallowing gulps of air during bottle feeding or breastfeeding, especially if they are drinking fast. In such situation, a traditional burp routine should get those gases out.

My family remedy for these nasty air is probably similar to those that has been passed down by generations of Singaporeans. Traditional Chinese Ointment. Personally, I am fond of the scent when applied on, which often reminds me of my mother rubbing these ointment on my belly through my childhood In fact, this may be one of the most familiar scent for Singaporeans and many parents today still use them to dispel tummy wind and relieve babies of stomach bloated-ness. Now as a father, my choice of ointment is the "Eagle Brand Eucalyptus Oil for babies," simply because the ingredients used in the ointment are surprisingly simple, natural and it has worked miracles for my baby girl.

That is why today, we are proud to present you a 60ml Eucalyptus Oil Plus in our Mighty Pack. We hope this mighty ointment would be able to help your toddler feel a little better when the "Wind" strikes.

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Dirty Nappies

Babies cry when they are wet or when they soil their diapers and we can only imagine the discomfort. Naturally, it goes without saying that we should periodically check if the diapers is "Full". Or if you smell a stench when you are near your baby, change the diaper and clean them quickly! You wouldn't want any itchy rashes on their sensitive skin.


Babies are delicate. A tad too warm or cold, they will protest by crying. So be sure to keep them warm, but not too warm of course. One more layer than you for your baby should be a good gauge. The rule of thumb is that babies are less to be unsettle when they are warm rather than cold. So make sure the temperature is right before settling the baby down.


A painfully obvious fact. But there can be so many scenarios for babies to hurt themselves and it would be impossible to prevent all. You just have to always keep a close eye on your toddler, and baby proof the surrounding as much as possible.

But there is this one pain, that we have all gone through with no recollection. The teething pain. As my baby girl is now teething, I can only imagine the pain that she is going though from the tooth that is stubbornly pushing it's way through her tender gums. I went online for my research, and while there are many remedies, there is only one that I find helpful, and not too much of a hassle. That is to let my daughter chew on unsweetened teething cracker. Apparently, teething babies love to feel pressure on their gums which distracts their brain from the sensation of teething pain.

Babies at this stage also tends to be easily unsettled, and will put what they can grab into their mouth. So it is necessary to ensure all toys and objects around your baby are properly sanitized. I would also strongly advise for parents to bring an extra handkerchief when heading out. Because teething babies salivate... a lot.


Ever felt fear and insecurity when you are alone in a dark room? Apparently, babies can feel the same too. Parents should stay near to their babies at night, so they can give their babies a quick tap for them to feel your presence when they are awaking, and before the wailing comes. Hopefully, they fall right back into sleep, saving you from another sleepless night


It is always good to know that your baby is growing well and reacting more to the surrounding. In fact, by the sixth month, character and ego should start forming, albeit slowly. They will begin to express their likes and dislikes, and will throw tantrums if their needs are not met. By the ninth month, they will express their need of love, security and comfort from their parents. They may even experience jealousy when they see their parents picking up another child. Personally, I have experimented this, but to my major disappointment, my daughter does not react to me (at all) being around other babies.

So there we go. The most common reasons why babies cry. I hope with this article can better prepare you in understanding your crying baby. At this point, I would like to end off with a disclaimer: I am not an expert on the subject of parenting or anything like that, but just sharing my 2 cents worth as a self-proclaimed dignified father on what I have learned through my parenting journey thus far.

I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing it. So please feel free to leave a comment!



Register Here and get your sample pack today!**

** Term & Conditions Apply

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