Catering To Your Needs

Who doesn't love a party with good food. And if you're hosting one, we have some points that may just save you some time and money.

#Tip 1 Precision Precision Precision

Send your event invites out early and work on your guest list, making sure to check if spouses, children or helpers will be coming along. Catering to the most accurate number of guests not only help in avoiding wastage, it will also help in determining your caterer choices, as some have minimum order requirements.

#Tip 2 All About The Timing

How about hosting a high tea session over lunch or dinner? Tea break menus are often less expensive and that can help shave off some expenses just by changing the timing of your party. Look out for surcharges which may apply for early morning delivery or late night pick up. Often, additional charges are also applicable during peak seasons such as Christmas or Chinese New Year.

#Tip 3 Food For Thought

Food often takes center stage at a party or gathering, Not only does it have to taste good, looks department should not be neglected. Considerations has to be taken to ensure that the party theme matches the occasion and the crowd in attendance is catered for. So if you are planning for an elder's birthday, think along Asian flavor food choices with a vibrant venue setup. Whereas planning for a business networking event, finger food catering should be considered for easy consumption.

#Tip 4 Unpopular Is The New Popular

Singaporeans find every reason to celebrate. It only makes sense to avoid popular periods for your celebration, Save on your headaches that your food is stuck in a jam somewhere or if the food came in the wrong order. You can only imagine how these delays or miscommunication can undermine your entire effort in preparing for the perfect party. We suggest holding a mid week celebration, which may just save you some trouble and help some of us survive the week.

#Tip 5 Beverages Leverages

There is only so much one can eat, but drinking, that's a whole different story. Try to refrain from serving bottled or canned drinks. They cost a bomb! Instead, we recommend serving your guests an exotic cordial mix, try googling a recipe online. Et voila, you may score yourself an unique house blend that wow your guests away. Some may even approach you for the recipe, leaving you a #proudhostmoment!

#Tip 6 It Is Now Possible

Last but not least, searching for the right caterer is like navigating through unexplored terrain. Thankfully, planning the right food to serve is more science than art, and easier now than ever before. Foodline provides a one stop service for host to choose from a wide diversity of food preference within your given budget, ensuring your fussiest guest stays impressed while not burning a hole in your pocket. You'll be spoilt for choices with 230 caterers and cake shops options all under one umbrella with their best price guaranteed policy. What seemingly is days of work sourcing for caterers previously is now possible within minutes.

Fortunately for expectant and new mummies with babies less than 6 months old, foodline's promotional vouchers are available through our Mighty Pack. Register for yours today!**

For more information, visit foodline's website and follow them on Facebook for more interesting news and updates.

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