Memories That Lasts A Lifetime

The old saying goes: A picture speaks a thousand words.

A child's growing up process whizzes past in the blink of an eye, from his first cry, to celebrating his first birthday with a cake smash.

Photography documentation provides us an opportunity to put a pause button in life and capture moments that we can so fondly look back in later years. Pictures allow us to open doors to the past, enabling us to enthrall in the emotions of the moment.

Like they say, parenthood is a journey beyond words, and what better way to capture all that action in one frame?

Kids Pictures is a photography boutique studio with a team of 5 enthusiast ladies, specialising with children, from newborn up to teens, family portraits, prenatal as well as outdoor and underwater. Started in the year 2000, they have grown to become one of the pioneer and most recognisable photography provider not only in Singapore, but also on an international platform. With an impressive portfolio of family picture including those of royal families around the world, we are sure they will be able to capture your best moments.

Good news for all expectant and new mummies with babies less than 6 months old, Kids Pictures' voucher is available through our Mighty Pack. Register for yours today!**

For more information, visit Kids Pictures' website and follow them on Facebook.

** Terms & Conditions Apply

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