As Natural As Love

Offspring Natural is an all-natural baby essentials for the next generation - not creating just a product, but also as a way of life, for our community and environment. That is why we will never compromise on the quality, integrity and safety of our products. At Offspring Natural, we are the biggest test of our own products; If we wouldn’t use it on our children, we’ll NEVER let you use on yours. So here’s what you can expect from us:

Stricter Than A Tiger Mom

From the sourcing of ingredients, manufacturing processes, selection of adhesives and material, product testing and packaging, we will not stop until it’s good enough for the fussiest, most sensitive and obsessive parent - Us!

A Labour Of Love Inside Out

Offspring products are safe and sustainable, in every way we can think of; family-friendly, non-toxic, earth-conscious (products that do not deplete forest resources and are bio-degradable) and one that support social wellness.

Certified Beyond Certainty

Offspring Natural will never compromise, especially on safety, integrity and effectiveness of our products – our certifications and approvals attest to that.

Fashion Diaper

Eco-friendly, super absorbent diapers with 6 super stylish fashionable prints to keep your baby comfortable while looking adorable. Launching 3 brand new designs of the bottom row from Malaysian illustrator Hsulynn Pang.

Ultra-Thin Diaper

Hyper-absorbent, lightweight diapers for maximum comfort, minimum bulk.

Baby Essentials

Certified organic, Australian-made toiletries to pamper your baby from head to toe.

Baby Wipes

Fragrance- free, plant based, medical- grade cloth wipes that is safe for precious little one.

Sincerely Offspring, What's Not To Love?

Fortunately for expectant and new mummies with babies less than 6 months old, Offspring has generously provided size S Featherlite Ultra-Thin Diaper samples for our Mighty Pack. Register here and get your sample pack today!**

For more information, visit Offspring's website and follow them on Facebook for more exciting news and updates.

** Terms & Conditions Apply

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