Shower Your Baby With Love

Showering our newborn is an endearing experience that we look forward to as parents. But for most of us, anxiety and stress tend to cripple the experience. So in this article, let us explore steps to prepare ourselves for this special bonding session.

** Please note - Parents are not advised to give your newborn a tub bath until the umbilical stump is healed. Otherwise, there may be a risk of an infection.

1) Your Prep Work

Showering your newborn is a task that requires undivided attention. Thus, preparing the necessary and positioning them within reach would be helpful.

The items needed:

  • Baby bath tub

  • Soft wash cloth

  • Quality Baby wash

  • Hooded towels

  • Changing mat

2) Preparing The Tub

Baby's have sensitive and delicate skin and for that reason, we recommend filling the tub with a couple inches of water that is around 33 Degrees Celsius. If you don't have a thermometer, you can try testing the temperature of the water with your elbow. If still unsure, we would then suggest you to keep the water cool rather than warm and observe your baby's reaction when they come in contact with the water. Preferably legs in first.

Placing your tub in a environment where the temperature is moderately warm with no incoming breeze is important too. You wouldn't want to give your baby the shivers on their first bathing experience.

With these preparation in place, we can now dive into the special bonding session with our newborn.

3) Clean Up Act

After they are settled comfortably in the tub, the cleaning routine begins. We can start by dipping soft wash cloth into warm water mixed with a little baby wash, then proceed to gently wash the baby's starting from the body and lastly to the genitals. Remember to wash their genitals with a dab of baby wash for hygiene. If you have a baby girl, it is recommended to wash from the back to front to prevent infection.

If your baby has hair, you can wash them by leaning them carefully down and massaging water into their hair and scalp.

4) Wrapping Up

Once the cleaning is done, lift the baby from the tub by supporting the head, neck and back with your forearm, and hold the baby's bottom and thigh with the other hand. Gently place them in the hooded towel and transfer them to the changing mat. Proceed to dry your baby's body, ears, between their skin folds and lastly their hair.

Viola, your baby must be smelling nice and looking fresh. They are now ready for a Wefie commemorating this moment! Don't forget to Hash Tag #Mightysprouts!

We hope you have found this sharing useful, and have helped you prepare for this experience!


Picking your Baby Wash - With so many choices on the shelves, it should be easy picking one, but we can assure you it will not be easy picking the RIGHT one. For newborns, we suggest baby wash made from quality ingredients, and manufactured by a reputable brand, formulated for babies. This would be especially important for parents whose baby has sensitive skin.

Personally, I highly recommend "Pureen's Head To Toe Wash". With Pureen's 40 years of experience in producing their product with only the finest ingredients, you can rest assured your babies are showered with the safest formulations and the greatest care. Pureen's "Head to Toe" Wash is specially formulated to conveniently cleanse the entire body from head to toe. Worry lesser with it's tear-free formula, and cater better care for your baby's hair, scalp and skin with Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.

With Pureen taking care of babies over the generations, they have truly become a household name that mummies can trust. For our readers benefit, we have included a sample bottle of Pureen's Baby Head to Toe Wash in our Mighty Pack. Register for yours today!

For more information, visit Pureen's website.

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