Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence Review

The postnatal recovery period, coupled with caring for and breastfeeding a newborn baby, is possibly one of the most stressful periods a woman's body can go through. After enduring 37-41 weeks of pregnancy, going through labour, and then allowing the body to heal and recover in the aftermath, all whilst juggling the demands of baby care, breast feeding and fragmented sleep? Never easy.

Thankfully, despite being older, and having 2 active, mischievous boys to handle now, I'm pleased to report that my third postnatal recovery period seems to be more manageable than my earlier experiences, even my husband noticed this! I credit a big part of that to better nutrition! (The baby certainly can't be the differentiating factor, she's still waking me up for feeds and diaper changes every 2-3 hours through the night!)

"Tian Yuan Xiang is in a completely different league"

Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence definitely counts as one contributing factor to my improved mood and overall sense of well-being this time around. May I be forgiven for confessing my knee-jerk response when I was first introduced to this high-end health tonic (besides admiring the packaging and being wowed by the number of gushing celebrity fans) was, "Wah, how come so pricey?!" But let me assure you, Tian Yuan Xiang is in a completely different league from those tiny bottles of dark, almost-black liquid many of us in Singapore are all too familiar with - you get what you pay for, and it's worth every cent!

One key difference that I'm sure every breastfeeding mama and animal lover would appreciate is the way Tian Yuan Xiang raises its livestock. Unlike common commercial practice where birds are kept in cramped cages, pumped with antibiotics and hormones to allow chickens to reach maturity in a mere 70-90 days, Tian Yuan Xiang allows their poultry to roam freely, breathing fresh mountain air. This allows the birds to develop natural resistance without the need for chemicals and grow at a natural pace of 150 days - ensuring optimum nutritional value.

"I really savoured each spoonful like a superior chicken broth"

I could certainly taste the Tian Yuan Xiang difference. Each box contains the unadulterated essence of at least three and a half organically reared chickens, without any artificial additives or preservatives. I've always felt weary of bottled chicken essence as the end-product tastes so different from chicken - I tend to pinch my nose and gulp the bottle down in one shot to avoid the taste of it! With Tian Yuan Xiang, I really savoured each spoonful like a superior chicken broth - the flavour is rich yet refreshingly light, thanks to the removal of oil during the degreasing process.

Pleased to say that besides my emergency stash of chocolate ice cream, packets of frozen TYX chicken essence will be a new mainstay in my freezer!

If you too would like to enjoy a healthier, more energised 2018, do pop down to their retail store at United Square to sample the product for yourselves, or for the extra busy, there's always the online option for 滴雞精 goodness delivered direct to your doorstep!

From now till 28th February, key in "TYX5MIGHTY" to enjoy $5 discount on your ticket to wellness!

And from now till 7th February, Tian Yuan Xiang will also be giving away $25 Carousel Buffet voucher (Royal Plaza on Scotts) with every $300 in-store purchase.

About Natasha Goh

A recently-promoted Mother-of-3, Natasha believes life is like a series of Omakase meals. Some courses will be hot, some cold, some will be spicy or bitter, others sour or salty, but each dish is to be savoured. The giant Chef in the sky always gives you what you need, even if you didn't specifically place an order. And like any card-carrying dessert lover, she knows no meal is ever complete without a sweet ending.

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