Tian Yuan Xiang - Preserving Traditions With Modern Convenience

With the distinctive thread of “Kiasu-ness” deeply rooted within many Singaporeans, it is often that we leave no stones unturned in search for means to gain an edge against our peers. In light of such recollections, many could probably relate to early memories involving struggles with an inky black fluid canned within a small glass bottle. Reeked with a stench and an unpleasant taste, the unanimously reputed Chicken Essence known for improving focus and brain power has unknowingly etched itself to be far more intimidating than its acclaimed reputation.

Owing to it's acquired taste, it is of little wonder why many Singaporeans shun them despite its many benefits. Lo and behold, all of these are set to change when you get acquainted with “Tian Yuan Xiang 滴鸡精.” Rooted by staunch philosophies, masterful techniques, and sincerity all packed into convenient sachets ready to consume, we can finally easily enjoy the true authentic taste of Chicken Essence.

Just who is Tian Yuan Xiang?

Originating from Tainan, the oldest city in Taiwan, Tian Yuan Xiang has over a decade of experience in producing 滴鸡精 (literally translated as Dripping Chicken Essence), and has amassed a huge following both on home ground and in Hong Kong. With likes from celebrities such as Ruby Lin, Linda Cheung and Barbie Hsu, it’s awesome news to know that they have finally landed on the shores of Singapore. So if you are contemplating that their offering is similar to the inky black chicken essence you are all so familiar with, be prepared to be in for a big surprise. Tian Yuan Xiang’s 滴鸡精 taste in fact just like an intensely infused traditional chicken broth, each mouthful rolling of flavor and goodness, lingering with an aromatic aftertaste. This Chicken Essence will surely meet the expectations of those with the most demanding palates.

From Source to Table

Tian Yuan Xiang’s 滴鸡精 is extracted through an ancient technique which is extremely time-consuming. This method allows for thorough extraction of nutrients from the entire chicken when it is stewed and braised slowly under high temperature over charcoal fire. Oil from the chicken is then repeated filtered out, making it suitable for even the ultra-health conscious. In fact, Tian Yuan Xiang proudly advertises their 滴鸡精 to be low in calories, sodium, cholesterol, and with no addition of preservatives, artificial colouring or spices, qualifying it as a delicacy with a light food print.

Naturally, as our populace get more literate, we become more conscious of our food intake. Many are now more weary and curious, taking measures to understand the preparation process and methods adopted right through to the source of their food. While learning about Tian Yuan Xiang, we were pleasantly surprised by their farming philosophies. The founder of Tian Yuan Xiang comes from a family (Tian family) with three generations of experience in poultry farming. With Tian Yuan Xiang as their only source of supply, the Tian family have total control over their farming methods and philosophies which allow them to be able to produce chickens of the most exceptional qualities for the production of their 滴鸡精.

The farm rears only free-range chickens by keeping a ratio of 1 chicken to 3.3 square metres of mountainous land area to ensure each chicken is able to roam freely and mature in the best possible environment. Such practices allow their chickens to develop natural resistance, making it possible for the Tians to rear their flocks with ZERO chemical assistance. The Tian’s also have an interesting concept of 150 Days Journey for their livestock. It essentially means only chickens that are of 150 days old, which have been allowed to mature with premium collagen and nutrition, are used to produce their 滴鸡精. This would never be possible as with other farms, where most adopt the practice of slaughtering the chickens at a 70 to 90 days span.

All these extra effort and costs may not seem to make business sense to the conventional layman, but by adopting such practices, it is evident in showing how far Tian Yuan Xiang is willing to invest in producing the optimum 滴鸡精. Every end users is presented with a peace of mind and the clarity on the processes adopted from the source to every mouthful of goodness in their products. Lest to mention about the amount of labour involved, taking care of the flocks in the mountainous terrain compared to a cramp broiler, Tian Yuan Xiang 滴鸡精 is clearly, carefully thought out by people who are true in bringing the best.

Be Spoiled For Choice

With Tian Yuan Xiang, you are definite to be spoiled for choice. With 13 different variations of 滴鸡精, each with their own unique benefits, you can rest assure to find one that will be suitable regardless of your age, needs, as gifts, or simply for consumption as tonic. While having 13 whopping variations of 滴鸡精 is a remarkable feat, it is their immerse attention to details that catches our eyes. They have taken a notch higher by introducing the different variations of Chicken Essence specifically for women, whether during pregnancy, in confinement or pre and post menstrual cycle. We were truly impressed that the benefits were layered down to such extend.

But if you are someone who prefers not to be drowned in details, we strongly recommend that you make a trip down to their retail store at United Square (101 Thomson Road, #B1-24A, S307591). You will be advised by their friendly staff on the various Chicken Essence and find the most suitable 滴鸡精 for your purchase. Alternatively, you can also order them online from the comfort of your home.

** Do take note that demand often outweighs supply, so to avoid disappointment, kindly give them a call at 6200 6789 before visiting.

With the recent attainment of their Halal Certification, Tian Yuan Xiang’s 滴鸡精 can now be enjoyed by all Muslim friends. To prepare, simply open the sachets, heat it up then savor and enjoy. Yes, it’s that simple! Serve it to your friends and relatives during Chinese New Year and prepare for raining praises!

On my personal capacity, calling it a revolution for chicken essence may be taking the context a little too far, but Tian Yuan Xiang have truly made me fall in love with the nemesis of my childhood and I hope you will too.

Chinese New Year Promotion

To immerse in this festive mood, Tian Yuan Xiang will be giving away $25 Carousel Buffet voucher (Royal Plaza on Scotts) with every $300 in-store purchase between 1st to 7th Feb 2018.

To better that, you can apply code “TYX5MIGHTY” to both your online and in-store purchases, valid from now till 28th Feb 2018, and enjoy a further $5 discount. So, if you are keen to nourish yourself with Tian Yuan Xiang 滴鸡精, or intend it as a gift, there is no better time than now! Shop Here!

Lastly, with the year of the Earth Dog at the turning corner, here's wishing all our Mighty Parents a year filled with laughter, great health and wealth to all your family and loved ones. And to end it all like a true blue Singaporean - HUAT AH!!!

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