You've Got A Friend In Me

"Mummy! I want that toy on TV!!!

Kids grow up playing with toys and there are just too many of them out there in the market. The concept of play is considered helpful in assisting a child to grow, learn, develop and thrive. Play is extremely helpful when it comes to physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Through play, children are gaining confidence, learning decision making skills and acquiring critical thinking skills that will prepare them for adulthood.

As much as toys bring joy and help in developing our kiddos, they are expensive and mess-inducing investments that children will eventually (sometimes even quickly) outgrow. My daughter's sleeping bunny that she insisted on getting 2 months ago is now no longer part of her plaything!

So before you dish out the big bucks for that coveted new toy, think about renting instead – it's a fab money saving, an incredibly nifty way to minimize clutter, cut down on consumerism and teach your kids about recycling!

Why not take a chance and surprise your little one with a new toy for his next play date outing which may turn to be a great new and cheaper alternative to providing your child with a variety of play and leaning experience.

Expecting and mummies with babies less than 6 months old can now register for our Mighty Pack and receive Rent That Toy voucher. Register here and get yours today!**

For more information, visit Rent That Toy's website and follow them on Facebook for more exciting news and updates.

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